How to clean your toys

With good care and reasonable use, your toys should last for quite a while. To protect yourself and those you love, consider the following cleaning suggestions. Plastic vibrators Since hard plastic is a non-porous material, it can be adequately cleaned with soapy warm water. If your toy is waterproof, check to make sure there’s a […]

The Myth of the Magic Button: The G, A, & U “Spots” Explained

Many of us have seen bright headlines in magazines that claim to teach you how to find a magical “spot” on you or your partner’s body that will give them “mind-blowing” orgasms like they’ve never had before. While it’s true that each individual often has many paths to orgasm and that, depending on the path […]

Orgasms and how to reach them

As a group, women seem to have more trouble building up to orgasmic levels of pleasure than men. Many of my female friends claim they know how to make their man climax, but men just don’t know how to do the same for them. The more research I do on the subject, the more I […]